Anonymous asked:

All of your self-portraits show half of your face. Do you have an asymmetrical face?

Orca Whales and Owls Answer:

I don’t know. Do I? 

Thursday Thanks

Oh gosh. So many exciting things this week. 

Tremendously grateful for the reblogs from beautifullyframed, floralls, nickpicz, just-forreblogging, imiging, westernshore, simplysiri, ponderation, and 0ce4n-g0d, as well as for the portrait feature from nosealviewing

And a special, huge thank you to lensblr-network for reblogging Color Code, and to the mysterious tumblr radar gods for putting it on radar the next day. I’m completely blown away. Thank you.

Lastly, a huuuuuuuuge thank you to everyone else for your support, and especially to anyone who sent support regarding certain opinions about certain street photography practices.

Hope everyone has a great Friday and weekend. :)


thank you

Anonymous asked:

I wonder if you realise the joy you give others with your photographs. You are amazing :)

Orca Whales and Owls Answer:

You made my day with this message. Thank you so much, anon.